Green In Progress

It has been another busy month with the greens. We have done the last top dressing on the bottom green after the laser level and i’m very happy with the progress of the bottom green. It should be back in play around the end of March. Our usual practices on the top green of spraying for pests and disease have been in progress and the roses are looking fantastic. The boys looking forward to a tough pennant season ahead.


Green renovations have commenced

After Christmas, green renovations begin in starting off with scarifying of number 2 green.

Then coring and fertilizing and after getting it healthy, we laser level this morning using 15 tonne of top soil, which we hope we rectify our uneven green. All that is left to do is pray that the grass comes through so I want to see everyone at church on Sunday

We hope to see you on the green in the near future

Green keeper Owens

Christmas is here

Christmas is here…..HOORAY !

Coming to the end of a very different year, its great to see people enjoying each others company around the CLUB and taking part in BAREFOOT BOWLS. This year everyone has been great while participating in activities on the bowling greens, and its lovely to see all having a great time !!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and families

J.O. and the Grounds Keeping Team

Garden at the HHC

Coming out of winter and into the warmer months, we are seeing a lot more colour and vibrancy from the gardens and grounds here at the Hunters Hill Club.


The roses are almost in full bloom. The lawns are green, and the Jacaranda trees are starting to flower, leaving pockets of the surrounds of the club exploding into a sea of purple, encompassing the club’s surrounds.


It’s a beautiful spot to sit outside with a drink or for lunch now that it’s starting to warm up.

J.O. and the Grounds Keeping Team

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John Owens .. Head Grounds-Keeper

J.O. tells me that its the perfect time to get out onto your lawn and get it ready for summer. Head down to your local hardware and get some “WEED and FEED” and treat your lawn areas to kick some life into them for a beautiful fresh green look for the coming months. Trim the surrounding gardens as this is prime growing season.