This policy is to outline the regulations for the tennis section of the Hunters Hill Club. It will involve all current aspects of tennis at the Club.


Membership Policy

It is the policy of the Hunters Hill Club that any persons over the age of 18 must be a current financial member of the Club if they wish to utilise the tennis courts and any of the programs associated with the tennis courts. Any persons under the age of 18 can only utilise the tennis courts and any associated programs under a current financial member that is a parent/guardian.

As per the Clubs Act NSW, any individual who lives within a 5km radius of the Club must be a financial member of the Club in order to enter the Club and its surrounding grounds. Anyone who lives outside of the 5km radius may enter the Club as a temporary member, however cannot book a tennis court for use or join any associated programs unless they join as a financial member.

Code of Conduct

These are the rules for the tennis courts and is the responsibility of anyone who utilises the courts to follow.

  • a.       Only financial Hunters Hill Club Members and their guests are permitted to use the tennis courts.

    b.      No use or activity except tennis is permitted on the courts.

    c.       Non-playing children are strictly prohibited from courts during play.

    d.      Correct footwear must be worn on the courts.

    e.       No Smoking on Courts

    f.        No Chewing Gum

    g.      No Glass to be taken onto court

    h.      No bicycles, skateboards, footballs or other equipment are permitted on the courts.

    i.        Players are required to observe tennis courtesies, as well as rules of good conduct on and around the courts.

    j.        Due to the close proximity of our courts to local residencies, please be mindful of excess noise levels from the court area.

    k.      To comply with legislative rules Members guests are permitted to use the Clubs facilities on the completion of their game but must be correctly signed into the Club by the member introducing them to the Club.

    l.        Please observe clay court etiquette and drag court after match

    m.    All equipment used must be the players own, and all cleaning of common equipment must be carried out prior, during and after each game. Cleaning equipment and hand-sanitiser will be available for use

    n.      Only two people per court, unless the group is from one cohabitating family, then 4 may play on one court. Private coaching is aloud, and must be one participant and one coach ONLY.

Court Hire

Booking System

In order to book a court for casual or permanent booking, users must be a financial member of the Club.

Once joined as a member you can book a court via our online booking system at OR contact the Club via email ( OR phone (02) 9817-3324 OR can book over the bar. All of this is subject to availability and change. It is the right of the Club to cancel or change a booking by reasonable necessity.

Casual Bookings

Courts can be booked on a casual basis between the hours of 8:30am-9:30pm. You can access the online system via our website at Following the tennis links and using your membership details you can book a court by the hour on the hour subject to its availability. The booking will not be finalised online until it has been paid for by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only accepted). You membership number PLUS # (e.g. 7755#) will be the pin code to access the gate. Access is permitted 10min prior and 10min post your booking time. If your code does not work please advise bar staff or a manager, or email Note, the Club does not take responsibility if your pin code does not allow access.

Permanent Bookings

A permanent booking can be created for any financial member of the Club. This allows a member to book tennis courts on a regular basis in advance. This can only be booked by contacting tennis coach of the Club. Bookings and invoicing are rolled over in the system every 2 months. When the system is rolled over an email will be sent to the member advising that payment for the following 2 months bookings is payable. It is the responsibility of the member to settle the payment before the next rollover. A booking will only cease when the member has contacted the director of tennis to cancel the booking. It is the right of the Club to cancel or change a permanent booking by reasonable necessity at any time.

Cancellations, Change of Time, and Inclement Weather Policy

If a member needs to change a booking they must contact a manager or director of tennis at the Club. The booking will be changed subject to court availability. A court booking can only be changed prior to its use date/time.

If a member needs to cancel a court booking they must contact a manager or director of tennis at the Club. A credit will be given for the cancellation to the member’s account, to be used at a later date by the member. No refund will be given for a cancellation or if the credit is not used.

If a court booking is rained out, it is the responsibility of the member to notify a manager or director of tennis of the rained out session. The booking will then be credited onto the members account to be used by the member at a late date subject to court availability. No refund will be given for a rained out session.

Tennis Coaching Program

All students that take part in tennis lessons at the Club must be a current financial member of the Club. All students under the age of 18 years must have a parent/guardian that is a current financial member of the Club.

Program Types

The tennis program provides  several types of lessons. They can be tailored according to requests by members. The basic lesson types are:

  • Group lessons


      • Adult group lessons (max 4 persons to a session)

      • Children group lessons (max 6 persons to a session)


  • Semi-private lessons. 2 students to 1 coach

  • Private lessons. 1 student to 1 coach

Lessons can vary in length of time depending on the nature of the lesson and request of the members. Cost for lessons can change depending on the lesson type and length of the lesson. Lesson costs are subject to increases by the Club at any time. Members will be notified as such before cost increases take effect.

Lesson Bookings and Payment

Lessons are booked per term (to run con-currently with the public school term, not including pupil free days). As such the lessons will be billed according to how many lessons will be in the term times by the amount of each lesson (e.g. children's group lesson - $19 per lesson X 10 week term = $190.00). This amount is to be paid in full, including any other lessons that may be booked, at the earliest convenient time, but no later than the end of the term.

If a student is booked in for a term, there will be no adjustments to the account if a student is unable to make any of the sessions throughout the term. No refunds or credits will be given for lessons missed by a student.

If a lesson is booked on a casual basis, the lesson must be paid for prior to or on the day of the lesson. A casual lesson can be cancelled by the student within 24 hours of its booking date and will not be charged. If a student does not turn up to a casual lesson and has not informed a manager or coaching staff of the cancellation the lesson will still be charged as such, no credit or refund will be given.

Inclement Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather, the student of the lesson will be notified via text msg (group or personal). This may be sent at any time up until the start of the lesson. For any student under the age of 18 years the notification will be sent to the parent/guardian of the student. The Club does not take responsibility if the msg is not received by the member. If a student or parent/guardian is in doubt, it is the responsibility of that person to contact a manager or Tennis Director at the Club.

It is up to the managers, tennis coaches or director of tennis to make a judgement if the courts are playable or unplayable due to inclement weather, and will do so to the safety of the students and practicality of play. As such the students are expected to attend their lesson unless otherwise notified.

If a lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather, the lesson will not be credited or refunded (if the lessons have been paid for already), or will not be adjusted off the account (if the lessons have not been paid for). If more than one session for the term is cancelled due to inclement weather, the account will be credited onto the next term's fees (if the account has been paid already) or adjusted (if the account has not been paid) for the 2nd missed session and any subsequent missed sessions.

Cancellation policy

If a lesson is cancelled by a tennis coach, manager or director of tennis for whatever reason other than inclement weather, the missed session will be credited (if the lesson has been paid for) onto the members account for the following terms fees or adjusted (if the lesson has not been paid for) on the members bill for that term.